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Wedding Day Tips

January 6, 2023

Hiring a Wedding Planner in Louisville KY

Over the summer, I had the privilege of interviewing Megan Kelly Perchatsch, proprietor of MKP Events about the topic of wedding planner and day-of-coordinators in Louisville, KY. In my previous life as a CPA, I actually worked for Megan’s mom. This made it extra special to meet up with Megan and chat about our mutual love for weddings! Megan is a gifted day-of-coordinator in the Louisville and Lexington area. When you meet her, you immediately know that she has a calm, confident and organized presence on a wedding day. I can not recommend her highly enough! During our time together, Megan shared with me some expert advice as a wedding planner in Louisville, KY and I’m so excited to share it with you all!

louisville wedding planner rings

1. What is a day-of-coordinator?

“As a day of coordinator, I am a Bride’s and every vendor’s “go to person” for the wedding day. That being said, my job starts long before the big day. I wouldn’t be able to do my job if I just showed up without a game plan. I am responsible for everything from timeline preparation to setup and clean-up and making sure everything runs smoothly day of!”

2. After a bride books a venue, what do you recommend her next step be?

“I always advise my brides to pick a venue first and get their date set, then from there, book any vendor who can only do one wedding that day. Think photographers, videographers and coordinators; vendors who can’t be in two places at once. Then from there what are your priorities, do you have a specific florist you’ve been following for years? Is there a make-up artist whose style you love? Book those “must have” vendors next! Many florists and careers can accommodate more than one event in a day but there are a number of vendors who can not so it’s always best to prioritize those.”

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3. What does working with you look like?  What’s the booking process?

“I usually start with an introductory phone call to go over things like” what is the big picture for your day”, “what are the expectations you have of me?” Then I’ll give advice on next steps and send my client an information worksheet and vendor form to fill out. From there I’ll answer any question they have as they book vendors and go through the planning process. About one month out, I will have an in-person meeting to draft the timeline (I consider this to be the most important part of what I do). In this meeting we will also discuss things in more detail such as, venue layout, vendor arrival and departure times, items I am in charge of setting up and putting away. On the day of the wedding, I am usually the first to arrive and the last to leave. I oversee setup and vendor arrivals, ensure the timeline is followed and make sure all the vendors know I am the “go-to” person for the big day. At the end of the event, I make sure the venue is cleaned up and that all personal items, extra food and gifts make their way home with the newlyweds!”

louisville wedding planner peterson dumesnil house

4.  What are some reasons someone might need a day-of-coordinator that they might not think about? 

“Everyone needs a day-of coordinator! If you want to have a successful/stress free day you need a day of coordinator. You need a day-of coordinator so you are fully present and able to enjoy your big day without having to worry about things like the women’s restroom running out of toilet paper or a guest at table 12 breaking a glass (real examples of things I have taken care of as a coordinator). You also need a day-of coordinator so that your friends and family can fully enjoy your big day. It’s nice that some couples have a lot of people willing to help them but you want your family members and close friends to enjoy themselves, not worry about setting up candles and answering questions from your DJ or other guests.”

louisville wedding planner unique reception

5. What has been your favorite wedding trend for 2022?  

“Oh this is a good one!! As a wedding planner in Louisville, KY, there are so many things I am loving right now! A few that come to mind are the family style meals. It’s so fun and really gets your guests interacting with each other. I also love the his/hers cocktail trend, it’s a cute way to showcase your individual tastes (and bonus points for drinks named after pets!). I also love seeing the cake alternatives couples have come up with. I have coordinated a doughnut bar, ice cream cart and a chicken and waffles buffet.”

louisville wedding planner rolls royce

6. What are some of your favorite venues in Louisville?  

“Another hard question! Louisville has so many wonderful venues to offer. There really is a venue for every type of wedding. Some of my favorites are The Refinery, Whitehall and Churchill Downs. I love the Refinery because they super easy to work with AND I love that they have several event spaces on site. They can easily accommodate your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception without cramming everything into one generic space.

I love Whitehall for its dreamy gardens and getting ready spaces.  Every corner of the campus is picture perfect. Then with Churchill Downs and the Derby museum, there are just so many options to choose from that it would be hard to go wrong. They are wonderful to work with, very organized, and always do such a great job. I also love that it is such a uniquely Kentucky setting to bring your guests to, especially if you have guests coming in from out of town.”

Megan, thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to share such great tips and info with me and our brides – your experience is invaluable and I’m glad to know you! If you want to learn more about Megan and MKP events, check out her page here!

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