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January 23, 2023

Elegant Bridal Editorial | Leah & Daniel

Leah and Daniel are two of our closest friends. They were kind enough to let us use their beautiful space for this editorial and to model for us. Leah contributed even more than that – she was my co-planner, brainstorming partner, and acquirer of china. I couldn’t have done it without her! We are lucky to have such amazing friends and I will always cherish this editorial, not only for the images but also for the fun time we had planning it.

It’s time for the funny story about this editorial – are you ready? We were blessed to have some incredible vendors who were excited to put our vision together. But life happens, and (not one, but two) florists fell through at the last minute. To top it off, the floral stems had been ordered to be transported to Carmel, IN, not Louisville, KY. So finally, I took on the role of florist myself.

Although I’m not completely inexperienced with floral arranging (my sisters and I did all the florals for our three weddings ourselves), it is not my strength and I felt fairly overwhelmed trying to arrange florals and set up for our details at the same time. Leah, even while getting her hair and makeup done, was incredibly helpful in assisting me with selecting the right elements, making changes, and achieving the perfect elegant look for our editorial.

We also had the incredible assistance of Kendra Beach for hair and makeup. She pulled up the exact vision I had on her Pinterest board as we talked. She knew exactly what to do and executed it perfectly. Kendra is getting married this year (yay!), so if you’re looking for a great hair and makeup artist for your wedding, contact her today! My favorite cake creator Amy at Frosting & Flour Bakery designed our classic cake – as always, it was DELICIOUS and maybe our favorite part of the whole day.

Finally, as always, I could not have put this editorial together without Jeremy. He is my biggest supporter, encourager, and helper in this business. He has the best ideas (but never says “I told you so”) and even helped me with the floral arrangement. Some of our best images came from his camera. He is my best friend and the only person I want shooting besides me.

I hope you enjoy this classic, elegant bridal editorial as much as we did!

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