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November 8, 2022

Baby Ellori | Louisville KY Newborn Photography

louisville ky newborn photography

There are so many things that I love about newborn photography in Louisville, KY. I remember the raw, precious, sleepy days (and nights). The snuggles, the exhaustion, the baby smell, and the sweet tiny baby features. It’s that balance between tiptoeing around when baby naps to asking “should we make more noise so they’ll get used to it?” It’s gazing at a tiny person every waking minute and scrolling through all your photos of them when they’re asleep. Every time I get to shoot a newborn session, it’s like I get to relive these fleeting days with my two kids.

Elise and Chris are first time parents, but you would have no idea that that was the case if you walked into their home when I did. They looked fresh and awake and were so friendly and welcoming to me as I partnered with them for their newborn session. Baby Ellori is their miracle baby, and it’s clear to see the joy that she’s brought into their home in the few weeks since she’s entered the world. Her name is a beautiful creation of her parents just as she is. Every detail of her nursery speaks volumes about how Chris and Elise have looked forward to these precious days.

And can we just talk about their puppy? He was SO protective and followed us everywhere during our session. I can tell you that any portraits that include him are not posed – he really is just that loyal and sweet. The addition of Ellori to the Marti family hasn’t made him jealous, but even more loving. I can just imagine these two growing up together, a girl and her dog.

It was my privilege to capture these newborn photography portraits and spend an hour with this precious family in Louisville, KY. I’m so excited to share them with you now. 

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