My photography journey isn't like most. By education, I'm actually an accountant! When the stress of my job came home with me at the end of the day, my husband Jeremy (now my second shooter) suggested that I take up a hobby. He bought me a camera, set up a desk in our apartment living room and encouraged me to start taking portraits.  Eventually, he joined the business and now shoots every wedding with me!

I took on clients, scouted new locations and we shot our first wedding in 2014. Most photographers don't have a CPA, but I'm so thankful for the way it's helped me grow our business, stay organized and be CRAZY detail-oriented.  

Along the way, our sweet daughter Emma and our son Jude joined our family and made our lives even more joyful - Emma is happy, hilarious and has the reddest hair and bluest eyes. Jude is cuddly, wide-eyed and our blonde baby. Watching them grow has only increased my conviction that photos are such a gift to capture each moment before it flies by. 

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