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October 20, 2022

Sydney | Senior Portrait Session

louisville senior photographer

With my kids the ages that they are now, it’s not very uncommon for us to get lots of comments from older people at the store. Usually these comments are along the lines of “your kids are so sweet, they grow up so fast!” I can tell you, I don’t need any reminders for how quickly my kids are growing! It is always shocking for me to see the difference between photos of them even a month ago and today. I know that this difference will only grow as time goes on, especially as they get ready to graduate high school like Sydney. 

I have known Sydney for about 8 years now, which seems impossible. Time really does fly. She has grown from a fun, tall-for-her-age kid into a beautiful young woman who is vibrant and so thoughtful to the people around her. She has a variety of interests, lots of friends, and so many skills (from band to martial arts, this girl does it all!). Her mom Jenn posted a collage of her school photos the other day on social media and it’s so incredible how she has grown and changed. It was a delight to walk around Mount Saint Francis, Indiana with Sydney and her family and capture these senior portraits. 

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