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July 29, 2022

Shea Family | Louisville Newborn Photographer

Sometimes a photo becomes more special as time goes on. A permanent record of a memory. Feelings wrapped up in an image. You remember the music that was playing as you danced at your wedding. The special baby smell comes back when you look at a photo of your newborn and then at your four year old across the room (I’m not crying, you’re crying!!!). Newborn portraits are special to me because I know how quickly those newborns become toddlers and then preschoolers (but we’re in denial that they get any older than that, right?).

I was so privileged to document the Shea family in the first week after Daniel joined them on the outside. The Sheas have been through some frightening things with Nicole’s health in the past few weeks since then, but their testimony to God’s sovereignty, faithfulness and grace has shown brightly in the midst of scary things. I’m so grateful we got to spend some time taking these precious photos and documenting their life in the sleep-deprived blur and sweet chaos of having a newborn and 4 kids. Nicole and Ben, we are so thankful for each of you, your children, for the Lord bringing you to Louisville, for His protection and care for you and that we get to do life with you for a few years! We can’t wait to watch Baby Daniel grow!

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