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May 19, 2021

Rilee + Anthony | A Backyard Kentucky Wedding

Family portraits are always a part of every wedding day that we shoot. It’s these images that get printed, framed, sent on Christmas cards and passed down as a legacy. But in the busyness of a wedding day, it can be easy to breeze through these portraits and move on to the rest of the day. But for Rilee and Anthony, family portraits were incredibly important. Their families fought tricky parking conditions to get to our  portrait location, but they laughed and teased their way through all the family combinations you can imagine – it was so fun to watch them just enjoying each other and excited to have these photos together.  (Be sure to keep an eye out for their nephew Ryder – he was just the sweetest baby and the best sport all day!)

This theme of family was interwoven throughout Rilee and Anthony’s intimate wedding day. In their beautiful backyard, they said personal vows to one another that mentioned how they had supported and leaned on one another through a difficult year that included moving, a pandemic and the loss of Anthony’s father. It was clear that experiencing these painful things together had caused Rilee and Anthony to value one another and their families even more. As their grandfathers prayed for their marriage in the ceremony and at dinner, they echoed the love that Anthony’s dad would have had for this day and the pride that they all felt watching Rilee and Anthony start their new life together. 

It was a joy to be invited into your family dynamic for this wedding day, Rilee and Anthony! Enjoy the highlights below of your beautiful day! 


Dress: Hyde Park Bridal

Makeup: Cassie Young

Catering: Naiman Catering

Floral: Nanz & Kraft

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