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May 6, 2021

Roger + Allison | A Parklands Engagement Session

parklands louisville

You can tell some things about a couple from how they look in photos. Sometimes the feelings they have for each other come through so clearly on camera. But in my experience, you can tell even more from the moments between photos too. During my time with Roger and Allison, it was rare for there to be a moment when they weren’t holding hands. Every time we moved locations, walked back to the cars, or moved out of a cyclist’s way in the path, Roger would take a 10 second opportunity to hold Allison’s hand. Roger and Allison are clearly inseparable and while I think it shows in these engagement portraits, it’s even more obvious in person. 

Roger and Allison, you’ve had to plan a wedding in the middle of a pandemic; asking caterers, venues and vendors questions you never thought you’d have to ask. And yet, you haven’t let the difficulties and weirdness of this time dampen your enthusiasm for your future marriage to one another. Jeremy and I are so excited to celebrate with you in July! 

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