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July 25, 2022

Thomas Family Session | Louisville Family Photographer

I say this often, but it’s still true – there’s nothing quite as sweet as documenting the growing families of our wedding clients, changing from their wedding photographer to their family photographer in Louisville. It’s so special to watch the progression. You have 2 people committing themselves to one another on the wedding day, then they’re buying a house together. Eventually they build a life together and perhaps add children to their family. And we have the added benefit of having Claire and Ethan in our community group, so we get to witness their family up close every week!

I’m not sure Claire and Ethan could have had a cuter baby than Henry – his laugh sounds like giggles just bubbling to the surface and HIS CHEEKS!!!! This baby is roly poly in the very best of ways. But as you’ll see, he can give some pretty serious mean looks too. We are blessed to be surrounded by friends with little ones who are close in age to Jude and Emma – I can’t wait for Henry and Jude to be great buddies!!

It was a hot day, but as always, the Falls of the Ohio did not disappoint and we found such a gorgeous pollinator garden to do some of their portraits at – this glowy light is part of what I love about being a Louisville family photographer. Enjoy the bright colors and sweet smiles with the Thomas family!!

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